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Meet Shoshana

Recent advances in medical lasers and intense light treatments have resulted in new treatment options for removal of unwanted hair. This newer technology however, has failed to be effective due to a variety of factors including, skin color, hair color, or hair texture. For most patients, laser or IPL may not be the best choice for hair removal.

Electrolysis offers a safe, effective and permanent treatment option not only for this category of patients, but all patients across the spectrum.

My name is Shoshana Shahnaz Torbati, CPE. I'm an international board certified electrologist licensed in both New York and Connecticut with over twenty years of experience.

I am also an active member of the American Electrology Association.

Currently, I work with eleven dermatologists from the NYU Dermatology Association. Other referring physicians include top NYC Plastic Surgeons and Endocrinologists. These physicians refer me patients who are not prime candidates for laser hair removal, and patients who have failed to respond to laser/IPL treatment.

I am confident that by offering electrolysis in a friendly, welcoming, discrete, and hygienic environment, permanent results in hair removal will be successfully achieved.